Kunu Gordon, is a Therapist working in the Guildford area with people of all ages (14+) specialising in relationships, parenting, infertility, trauma, abuse, personal therapy. Evening appointments and Supervision services are also available.

Kunu Gordon

Kunu Gordon

Counselling, Psychological Therapy And LifeĀ Coaching

Helping people to attain more effective daily living and a greater sense of psychological well being

Kunu’s Aims And Way Of Working

Many people, at some point in their lives, experience, to a lesser or greater degree, distress, emotional discomfort or confusion. Alternatively they behave in ways they do not like but cannot stop. Others may want greater self understanding or wish to build on existing strengths to live more effectively and fully. Kunu aims to help in all such situations by facilitating emotional healing and developmental progress.

After several years of training and long experience, Kunu is in a position to help by drawing on the perspectives and strategies of a variety of approaches, from psycho-dynamic and humanistic – in particular person centred, gestalt and transactional analysis – to cognitive behavioural therapy. The work may be at the deeper level of the psychological therapies, through counselling to coaching, at the more practical end of the spectrum.

All the time Kunu works in consultation with clients – ie the people who come for help – and proceeds on the basis of agreement and collaboration. Moreover, as many clients have said, she is warm, supportive, insightful and trustworthy. On the basis of these characteristics she builds the sort of relationships which are widely acknowledged to be the most important therapeutic and developmental factor.