Kunu Gordon, is a Therapist working in the Guildford area with people of all ages (14+) specialising in relationships, parenting, infertility, trauma, abuse, personal therapy. Evening appointments and Supervision services are also available.

Kunu Gordon

Kunu Gordon

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PRIVACY POLICY (Effective from 26.05.2018)

This Policy explains how I, Kunu Gordon, of Kunu Gordon Counselling and Therapy, use and protect any information you give me while using this service.

I am committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. If I ask you to provide information by which you can be identified, you can be sure that it will only be used in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

I may change this policy from time to time so I suggest that you look at this page regularly in order to ensure that you are comfortable with the measures that I am taking to protect your privacy.

By visiting my website again, you are accepting and consenting to the procedures described in this policy.

Data Controller

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, 1998, the Data Controller is

Kunu Gordon
19 Lenten Close

email: kunugordon@yahoo.co.uk

Information I may require from you.

When we first meet I shall ask you for your name, whatever contact details you wish to give me and date of birth. Using these details, I may contact you by email or phone call but usually by text. If I contact you it will mainly be to arrange or confirm appointment times. The results of all of this are recorded on a registration card, usually in your hand- writing.

In therapeutic sessions I shall ask you questions to which you will probably reply and in addition you probably will volunteer communications. These replies and communications will contain information on feelings, thoughts and events in your life, past and present. I may make notes of therapeutic sessions but again these will all be recorded in hand writing.

The registration cards are kept in a lockable drawer in one room while the notes of sessions are kept in a lockable filing cabinet in another room. Session notes are anonymised by using initials instead of full names. I am the only person who has access to the keys.

Use of your information.

Your contact details are kept mainly in connection with the making, confirming or changing (when unavoidable) of therapy session appointments.

My notes on therapy sessions are mainly to help me to remember what was said in the session, to reflect about its significance and to prepare my mind for future ones. In extremely unlikely situations they might be required by a court of law. This could be because someone was bringing a case against me in connection with counselling received from me. Alternatively, it could be because a person who had come for counselling was involved in a situation which led to legal proceedings and had talked about it with me in the session.

All records will be kept to a minimum. They will be retained for six years, in accordance with information given me by my insurers, and then be shredded.

Breaking of confidentiality.

This might happen in the following circumstances –

  1. On ethical grounds, if there are strong reasons for believing that 1. a child is being or has been abused physically, emotionally or sexually; that 2. an adult client is at risk of seriously harming her/himself and/or another person or persons;
  2. On legal grounds, if there are strong reasons for believing that there is a risk, of terrorist acts, “radicalisation” or female genital mutilation (FSM). Also, if compelled by a court of law to give evidence when a crime is alleged.
  3. For the professional purposes of Supervision. All counsellors and psychological therapists practising in this country are obliged, by the professional organisations to which they belong, to consult at regular intervals with a specially trained and qualified “supervisor” about the more difficult aspects of their therapeutic work. This may not be seen as a breaking of confidentiality since the work is presented anonymously.
  4. In connection with a client whose therapy is connected with any aspect of adoption, some material, chiefly notes, may be read by Ofsted inspectors when an inspection is held. Again, this may not be seen as a breaking of confidentiality since the material is anonymised. For more details of the privacy policy by which I am bound in relation with any work connected with adoption please see http://asartcounselling.com/privacy.php

Access to records

You have a legal right to see any of the records that I hold about you. If you ask to see them I will make them available as soon as possible. You are allowed to read them with me in a session. You can ask me to amend anything which you think is incorrect. You can ask me to destroy them altogether, which I shall do unless there are legal reasons for me not to do so.


If you wish to make comments or complaints, to ask a question or request access please contact me on kunugordon@yahoo.co.uk.

Kunu Gordon, May 2018